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Lorin Reeder 
September 2017, Google Review
I needed some money to pay a medical bill so I took a couple pennies from the late 1800s and early 1900s. I went to a dealer and he offered me about less than $5 for all of them together. I was very suspicious when the man followed me out to my car and kept offer me a little bit more money . This made me very suspicious so I told him nevermind I would keep them and give them to my grandkids if that's all they were worth. I decided to stop at Allgood coin and I showed them my coins and they told me that most of the pennies weren't worth much but that one of them was worth almost $500. So I sold the one valuable penny to them. They very well could have taken advantage of me and offered me $20 and I would have sold it but that's not how they operate there. For years now I get mad everytime I think of this other dealer and how they tried it take advantage of me. Allgood coin is a great business and they're very honest. I highly recommend them!

Kasen Graff
May 2017, Google Review
The people there are very friendly, I have been several times. They are willing to help me with what I need and are really kind.

Ryan Thomas
October 2016, Google Review
Sold Large note US currency, fractional currency and obsolete state currency to the owner and he was very friendly and offered a fair price. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions. This shop has integrity and I would do business with them again
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